Play Bridge | 20 03 2017 | Hand 17 | ♠K ♥JT73 ♦K2 ♣J87543
March 21, 2017
Play Bridge | 20 03 2017 | Hand 45 | ♠J ♥AT85 ♦8652 ♣8742
March 21, 2017

Play Bridge | 20 03 2017 | Hand 25 | ♠T432 ♥JT2 ♦5 ♣AKT94


  1. unixman says:

    North leads the 8Clubs defending 3NT So I see the lead pick it at first as a 4 card suit but then I do the maths and realise there are only 2 higher cards Q and J Since I have the other 3 higher clubs…So I ponder does he hav QJ8…So my stunning plan is Take the club return it low to his QJ and then over take the third club so we take the first 5 tricks…Nice plan till it turns out he is defending NT by leading a short suit Grrrrr
    Bidding System: 5 card majors, weak notrump, weak twos, transfers.
    W N E S
    – P 1 P
    1 P 2 P
    3N P P P

    • graeme says:

      Hey @unixman,
      Good to be thinking it through like that. Here’s a further thought to make it more interesting. If North had QJ8 what card would he lead?

      • unixman says:

        The 5 of Spades LOL…Well the Q if they are going to lead from the short suit set that way not quite a top of an internal sequence but you would forgive it. It was just leading from shortage that totally through me off. I tend to fall back on all my early lessons for defending against a NT contract mainly lead from length first (forth in the sequence) then lead from strength if they combine you are happy 🙂


        • graeme says:

          Hmmm, what about the lesson that talks about leading the unbid suit? Not sure that a spade lead from North around to a suit bid by West is the long term winning strategy. 😉

          • unixman says:

            Funny thing is I was so thrown by the lead I didn’t even think of the other “rules” since all bids are real the unbid seems logical now good grief 🙂

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